2010 will be filled with ass kickery
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2010 started with something that just made me smile...being in a room of people who I would have never met had it not been for being crazy enough to think making a feature film would be possible. These people, made up of complete strangers to me this time the year before, came together and made this film happen. Without them, and several others that couldn't be there, I would not be looking at this year the same way. I would not be looking at this year being not just mine, but OURS! Read more...Collapse )

It's it really a "Live" Journal if
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I've been away working on http://www.browncoatsmovie.com my first feature film. It's fully in the can and just on to editing, but first...we are promoting the release of the first trailer at Dragon*Con this year.


An Evening on the Set of “Browncoats:Redemption”
mcdougherty, mike dougherty

We are ready to wrap principal photography and we would love to see everyone out on Friday July 24, 2009 at the Browncoats:Redemption set in Glen Burnie, MD.

Here the official invite along with registration at Eventbrite - don’t forget to register so we know you are coming.

You Are Cordially Invited to:

An Evening on the Set of “Browncoats:Redemption”
Production Fundraiser and Wrap Party


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Mama I'm flyin'...
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I'm up (no surprise) at 12:30am and between my head spinning from thoughts, and my heart racing from a cocktail of stress and excitement, I'm not sure if I will sleep tonight. I'm currently listening to Flogging Molly's "If I ever leave this world alive" and I'm feeling...

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Writer's Block: My Definition of Greatness
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How do you define greatness?
Loud music, crazy thoughts and random acts

A dog bite, better acting, and a long night...
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This is one of those evenings where at 10pm it felt like 2am and now 1am feels like 10pm. Today's been great.

Last night I was, unintentionally, bitten by a friends Great Dane while rough housing over a Tigger doll. It's beena  while since I've gotten a Good wound, but this one is turning out nicely. Not to sound like a complete nutter, but I believe a Good wound will remind you...in the brief moment it happens, that you're alive. For a chubby guy I moved quickly and safely dodge a full puncture wound, but something that'll leave a good little scar. Chic's dig scars still, right? My wife says "at 33...scars aren't cute".

Today we had our first rehearsal for the film. We were missing a few of our major cast, but I think absolutely nothing was suffered. It was really life changing to see my words being spoken better out of the mouths of the actors than they sounded in my head. That's not conceit, but humbled. I did good...and the sounds support the thought. Albeit some edits are needed to the script, than you ceosanna for catching then, but I think after a 113 page script... 12 errors is an acceptable number.

Steps closer to a dream...
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Yesterday we traveled down to Berlin, MD and checked out Frontier Town to make sure that this location would work for us to begin filming on April 11th. We also checked out the Francis Scott Key Resort which will be using to house our actors/crew.

Where’s my head, let me catch you up if you don’t already know. With the help of people far talented (and greatly more attractive) than myself, I’m working a “Browncoats:Redemption” an independent film set in the Universe of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”. (If you don’t know about Firefly please feel free to leave this blog and check out http://www.hulu.com/firefly and then come back to keep reading) Now I know some of you are going to cry “I smell fan film” and you’d be only partially right. We’re treating this more like an Indie film than a fan film. Real locations, seasoned actors/actresses, talented crew members that have worked on films, and then there’s me. In just four weeks I get to direct them all. (If you don’t already know enough about the film, go leave this blog and check out http://www.browncoatsmovie.com and then come back)

Until now I’ve been playing a support role, helping my business partners, in whatever way I can, to get this thing to the day where I get to live a dream of making a film. Hell I even wrote the thing after establishing the plot and characters with my friend Steve Fisher. We established that the films proceeds will go to five charities supported by the creator and crew of Firefly. Also, with the help of some really honest friends, than I’m thankful to have, the script became something that I’m still amazed that people are like “Hey...this isn’t half bad” or variations of that.

Where some people would probably let this thing get to their head, I’m so damned focused on seeing this through and not fucking it up that I’ll wait till it’s done, I’ve had enough alcohol afterwards to probably destroy my liver in celebration, and finally caught up on some long lost hours of sleep to figure out if any ego will be attached to this. Could I write a longer sentence? Probably. Just give me time.

So back to yesterday, we (Steve the business partner, Bart the Director of Photography, and Tara the newly christened (why does that always sound religious to me?) Production Manager/Location Scout guru) crammed into Bart’s SUV and trucked the two hours and a few down to meet Alex (Production Designer Extraordinaire) and Fran, the property manager, at Frontier Town, a western theme park where we will film what looks to be a good 60-70% of the film.

For a little background, from the age of about eleven to about sixteen or so, my parents used to take us camping at Frontier Town as a summer vacation with my uncle, aunt, and their typically Irish family of four kids. The beauty was that Ocean City was just twenty minutes away, but if they didn’t want to take the drive that day to the beach, or the boardwalk, there was the Frontier Town Western Theme Park where from 10am to 6pm the Wild West came to life with gun fights, bank robberies, attacking Indians, and can-can dancers…I wonder which got the most of my teenage time. ;)

Anyway, for jackass family squabbling reasons beyond my comprehension to this day, we stopped going as a family, but the place never left my brain. With its overly colorful buildings and lived in feel, I’ve always wanted to return to the place, but haven’t figured out how to convince my wife, who already patiently tolerates my geekdom, to suffer a two hour drive to watch me turn into a twelve year old boy again. But now…she gets to help make a 12 year olds dream come true (twenty-one years later) as the costume designer for the film, along with the help of some extremely talented people backing her up.

I can not wait to begin filming at this location. Alex, Bart, Steve, and Tara all seemed stoked to be able to do their creative thing to help bring this film to a reality. From the main street, to the saloon, to the small bar where

ceosanna(oh yeah…she’s or films lead) will toss a guy out of a bar, and finally to the little touches that you’ll notice after watching three or four times…this has just raised the bar for me and I want to make this great.

I can’t wait to keep you posted and return back to blogging more often to give my already crowded head a break.

Hope in a dangerous time
mcdougherty, mike dougherty

I am re-instilled with hope.


Hope that the new president can show the U.S. and the rest of the world that we are more than just old white guys in suits making bad decisions.


Hope that my charity movie project will be successful (more on that in a later post, but for now visit my Facebook page and look for “Browncoats: Redemption”).


Hope that in the next few years, I will have lived in a time where I can say “History was made…and I was a part of it”.


And ultimately, hope that I can become the person I am to be. Fully and completely. No more living from “to do lists”, no more standing in the shadow of the screwed up family life I had as a child, and no more fear that I can accomplish any damned thing I want.


I now live in a time where I have seen the ultimate American Dream realized to it’s fullest. I think no one in this country can rely on the excuse, any more, that “it’s not possible”. Because it is… if you work for it.

But this is a dangerous time... it's early and hope, much like a candle, can be blown out at the hardest wind. Our new president, as of January, carries now the mantle of hope for all Americans...and I hope to whatever dear and fluffy lord you believe in... that he doesn't fuck it up!

Are you afraid to be the hero of your own life?
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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
"When the first Superman movie cam out I was frequently asked "What is a hero?". My answer was that a hero is someone who commits a courageous action without considering the consequences. Now my definition is completely different. I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to preserver and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." ~ Christopher Reeve
I don’t normally send hooky emails about religion, friendship and what have you, but after this weekend and some events of last night, I need to remind everyone I know that Ordinary people can change the world. Call it being a Browncoat, a Patriot or whatever you want, but you have the power to do whatever it is that you want. For good, for bad or simply for yourself.
I, like many of us, am completely guilty of taking the accomplishments in my life for granted. In my life I’ve survived a car accident that should have killed me, learned to walk and talk after having my mother told I would be a child with “special needs” or “a vegetable” for the rest of my life, over come severe learning disabilities, published a comic strip in a newspaper, played in a band that opened for some of my childhood musical heroes, joined and severed in military, published poetry and articles, ran the two mile run in 8.5 minutes, performed stand up comedy to a packed room and got laughs, shared drinks with people I’ve watched on TV and in the movies, and countless others that any one would be one persons life long goal.
Regardless of your current situation in time, never forget where you came from or the amazing accomplishments that you’ve done in your life. Not everyone can do them or will. Whether you’ve learned to fly a plane, studied for and received a degree in field of every little girl’s fantasy, or simply traveled and lived somewhere else. Never forget Ordinary People Change the World. You can, too. You can give a child hope, create something positive that will help even just one person or simply live the one thing you’ve always wanted to do.
Mahatma Gandhi, Christopher Reeve and millions of other people we look up to, or call heroes, are no different than you except for simply one thing… they chose to and found the “strength to preserver and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” and lived the change they wished to see in the world every day.
Are you living the change you wish to see or are you afraid to be the hero of your own life?
Since I’ve created this, if you like it, allow it to be the chain letter you share with friends.  I would love you to email this to as many people that you think need it, BUT…you have to change the second paragraph to be about your accomplishments leaving “I, like many of us, am completely guilty of taking the accomplishments in my life for granted.” and “and countless others that any one would be one persons life long goal.” Everything else in between has to be YOUR accomplishments. They don’t have to be as many or as few as I have, but there has to be at least one. This is as much an exercise for you to take a look at what you’ve done as it is to inspire other people. At least it was for me.

I only ask that you send it to mcdougherty@gmail.com when you do and that you point to my original livejournal blog (http://mcdougherty.livejournal.com) as the original inspiration for it. Ask everyone you send this to to do the same thing. I used the “Pay if forward” theory of only using three people. You can use more, but no less than three. I don’t count as one of the three, because I just want to see what it is you’re sending. I want you to inspire me.

I want to know how this impacted peoples day and lives.

Comic Book Artist Michael Turner Dies
mcdougherty, mike dougherty

Close to twenty-four hours after the news broke I learned that one of my favorite comic book artists, Michael Turner, died of cancer. The story of my going basement for Dawn creator Joseph Michael Linsner at last years DragonCon are still told, but that doesn’t overshadow my love of other comic artists.

I actually met Michael Turner several years back at both Baltimore Comic Con and one of the Wizard Cons. He was a really great guy to talk to. Cool, relaxed and genuinely made you feel like he was listing to you talk. Now I’m rarely one of those guys that goes gushing over what issue was great and how this did that, in my non-comic book career having opinion, but I remember asking how his battle with cancer was going and how he was feeling. Not in a smartass way, but genuinely asking. He stopped the line of people autographing and talked to me for about ten minutes AFTER signing the Tomb Raider End Game poster he drew and my limited edition hardback“Wizard Collects the Works of a Comic Art Master – Michael Turner” (#203 of 299). When enough people seemed to complain he said, “Come back a little later when the line dies down and we’ll talk more”. Of course, him being extremely popular and on a tight schedule, that never happened, but it left me feeling like this is one of those people that set the bar very high for those dicks who want to charge $30 for an autograph, but haven’t done shit in years.

Michael Turner, I will miss the new artwork you could have put out, but you still inspire me to pick up a pencil and draw


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