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238 days till Browncoats: Redemption releases at Dragon*Con
mcdougherty, mike dougherty
Things are getting pretty intense, for me at least, because the film will be done and released 238 days from today. I'm not counting, but it's really 237 days 5 hours and 36 minutes at the time of this post.

How do you ramp up for the end of things?

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Think differently: It's not the end of things... this is just the beginning! The world will open doors for you guys after this, if you have the drive to keep the momentum going. Proud of you!!

I'll tell you how - from a certain point of view, there is no end. Unless you really want the end to be near, you look for what comes after the end. This is by no means going to end with the release. There'll still be DVD sales, rave reviews, grateful acknowledgement from the charities, maybe even interviews with sci-fi magazines and the like....and if the movie does half as well as we're all hoping and expecting, there's a very real chance of doing another one....?

If you want to keep this project flying, you'll find a way, man. We Browncoats always have and always will.

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