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I am ready for some fun...are you?
mcdougherty, mike dougherty

Thanks to Chris Brogan's "Are You Ready for Fun" post on his website, I've taken five minutes and really got a shot in the arm. I'll admit to being completely stuck in my own head. I'm going to ask you to do the same. Just take a five minites and really give this video some time.

I took some time and wrote down each of the Eight Principles and am currently trying to find a way to make that a strategy for 2010.

What do you take away from this?

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A lot of stuff to think about. I am hitting a milestone this year and I've been doing some of those things. Now I have to concentrate on doing more of them. A totally good idea.

Gave me a lot to think about too. :)

Honestly, Mike, I try to live my life like this every day. No, I don't try. I do. And sometimes I do not. Thanks for the reminder that I should do more of the doing and less of the not doing. We all need reminding sometimes. Thanks. That was a fun vid.

I do and do not myself. I am trying to do more.

1. Get Focused. Stop hiding who you really are.
2. Get Focused. Start being intensly selfish.
3. Be Creative. Stop following the rules.
4. Be Creative. Start scaring yourself.
5. Use Your Wisdomw. Stop taking it all so damn seriously.
6. Use Your Wisdomw. Star getting rid of the crap.
7. Take Action. Stop being busy.
8. Take Action. Start something.

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